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I keep seeing the vision of an amazing love and freedom movement, a mobilised multitude coming out of captivity, rejoicing, singing and drunk with love for Jesus. There is something about NOW in the timing of things, there’s a release, a triggering, a knowing the season that is upon us now. An irresistible impulse to take flight, launch out, make a move for freedom. Like the phenomena of huge flocks of migrating birds – they just know it’s time to take to the skies and, guided by instinct (the Spirit), travel huge distances, in formation, to distant appointed locations according to the season.

I imagine that between now and the beginning of 2020 we will see this movement visible manifest and build momentum. Yesterday it was 50 years since man walked on the moon and next month, August 2019, it will be 50 years since Woodstock. Both events were evidence of radical change and movement into new frontiers. This is another time like that. New frontiers are being accessed and new movements are emerging – some forcefully breaking out – escaping from the claustrophobic confinement of familiar norms and forms in response to the impulse of the Spirit. It’s an escape from captivity in the way that the Israelites came out of slavery in Egypt through Divine intervention and supernatural signs and wonders. Egypt, once a welcome source of help and refuge, had become an oppressive slave master. Religious mindsets, wonky theology, sinful habits, demonic oppression, earthly thinking, crazy ‘images’ of God… helpful for a season maybe, but they have become oppressive regimes that we need to escape and the Spirit is stirring and drawing a multitude to launch out, risk leaving the familiar, and move into freedom.

I’ve been hearing the Spirit saying, “Launch out – it’s time to launch out into the deep – cut ties with the familiar old ways and launch out.” Like a ship that casts off from the pier and leaves the harbour for the high seas, like a rocket that explodes from the launching pad and bursts out of earth’s atmosphere, like an eagle that leaves the nest and gives itself to the invisible currents of the wind – launch out.

This is a freedom, love and peace movement - a celebrating, dancing, enthusiastic, diverse crowd. They are so grateful for God’s mercy, overwhelmed by His goodness and confident in His love, that they will follow Him wherever He leads them. Jesus, the “friend of sinners” and “Lord of the dance” is leading this joyful resurrection parade. The magnetic pull of His outrageously, scandalous, generous Love and Good News will draw multitudes who will gratefully join the party. I hear them singing at the top of their lungs, “All you need is Love, all you need is Love, all you need is Love, Love, Love is all you need.”

Definitive Deliverance, Decisive Victory, Double for Your Trouble

1 April 2019, Jill Smith

Don’t misinterpret all that is happening around you right now – God is working a process of deliverance and a decisive victory. The turbulent, even violent process that many have been through over months, even years, is a powerful deliverance process initiated by God. Just like the deliverance of Israelites from slavery in Egypt, it has been a strong and challenging process.

In Egypt, God challenged and brought into question the power and authority of the controlling order and its gods through a series of nation shaking events beyond their control. He introduced himself to a generation who had no personal revelation or encounter with the God of their fathers, who had been defined by and dependent upon Egypt and its rulers claimed to be their god. It must have been terrifying and disorientating to see the power and authority of the supposedly ‘divine’ order of Egypt questioned and found wanting by the one true God.

Egypt had at one time been a place of refuge and supply when Joseph, God’s representative, had been influential in the nation’s government. Egypt had been their father and provider - it had defined and controlled them for 400 years. The relationship had become increasingly oppressive and abusive, so they cried out in despair and God answered. Each plague was an opportunity for Egypt to repent and turn to God and an invitation for Israel to recognise and trust their true Father. Each plague brought a challenge to a specific Egyptian god and offered an opportunity for people shift their trust and reliance from idols onto God.

Many people have been through a series of challenging events beyond their control that have been opportunities to encounter and trust in God alone rather than idols, whatever they may be: our own strength, money, career, certain relationships, church leaders or movements, even law and order and the ability or civil government to do the right thing or protect us from evil. We must be careful how we interpret these shakings. God is inviting us out of slavery and oppression and into freedom through a deeper, more loving and trusting relationship with him and into a greater revelation of who we are as his children, a people belonging to God.

Over the last few days I have had several moments when I have been suddenly aware of and surprised by the sense of a big wave right behind me – it has caused me to stop and pause – and with it comes the phrase, “My blessing will come upon you and overtake you.” With that phrase has also come the picture of the Israelites deliverance from Egypt where the waters of the Red Sea suddenly crashed down over the pursuing army and brought decisive victory and complete closure to the season of oppression in one dramatic and definitive action.


Not only that, but also for some, God is going to restore to you double for your trouble. He showed me that there are people who have been through an extended season of contradiction and trial. In the midst of this you have learned how to stand in the midst of demonic accusation, reversals of fortune, withdrawal of favour and some have even endured physical illness and strange unexplainable afflictions. You have learned to identify with Christ in this season of suffering and be silent even though “Job’s comforters” have distanced themselves from you, even despised you and considered you “afflicted by God”.

God is your comforter and friend and he is anointing you with his oil, a healing balm, and a fresh anointing to proclaim good news to the poor, bind up the broken-hearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. You will comfort others with the comfort you have received from the Lord and great compassion will be the flavour and fragrance of your ministry. Like Job, the Lord will vindicate you and restore to you double for your trouble in the areas the enemy sought to rob, kill and destroy. Like Jesus, you will be satisfied and experience deep joy and fulfillment as you see the reward of your suffering – the salvation and deliverance of many others. Some of you even “fell among thieves” and were left beaten and bleeding by the roadside. But you were rescued by the kindness of God the good Samaritan and the healing hospitality and ministry of God the innkeeper. Out of this experience of His beautiful love and compassion, some of you will now birth powerful ministries that manifest the love of the father to rescue and redeem with great love, generosity, tender mercy and skilful care.


Prophetic Thoughts for 2019 - Jill Smith

In 2019 Hidden Things will be Revealed as we Enter a Season of Great Fruitfulness.

 January 2019 will kick start a season of great fruitfulness for many people who have been sending their roots deep down into God during some very challenging winter seasons. Get ready, because the fruit of going deeper in reliance on God not earthly things, is suddenly going to appear. Like the tree in Psalm 1:1-3, a noticeable prospering of their lives and work that will testify that God is their source and that he is blessing them. A refreshing and renewal that has now become a habitation (not a visitation) for them with manifest in longevity, energy and vitality – “their leaf does not wither.”

 “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the Lord, who meditates on his law day and night. That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither – whatever they do prospers.” – Psalm 1:1-3

 For these people, 2019 and beyond will be A TREE OF LIFE SEASON that continues to unfold and expand, bringing great joy and satisfaction that will strengthen and renew their hearts. An experience of the second part of Proverbs 13:12 will displace former seasons of hope deferred: “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.”Their lives will be like trees absolutely laden beautiful fruit because this is the season for fruitfulness. In seasons of preparation, waiting and hiddenness the Lord has resourced these people with His Word and Spirit, so now they will be a source of supply for many who are hungry and thirsty for heavenly wisdom and Spirit life.

 2019 will be a year of MORE

 Whatever people have planted in their lives is about to produce fruit – whatever they’ve been cultivating – there will be MORE and the FRUIT will multiply. What’s been growing in secret will be revealed, like when a baby is born, or an artwork is finally completed and displayed. This is not something to fear, God is lovingly encouraging His sons and daughters, so we can rejoice in the good fruit, where necessary pull out the weeds, dig over the ground of our hearts and minds, and intentionally plant good seeds for future harvests.

 CLARITY will be a by-product of fruit appearing and this will motivate further sorting and sifting of relationships, allegiances, structures and organisations, churches and movements, communities and nations. There will be a clarifying of where things are at and what is really going on, and choices, decisions and changes will then be able to be made with knowledge and understanding.

 From 2019 there will continue to be an increase in DIFFERENTIATION to clear up fogginess and confusion and help people better understand where they belong and place in the scheme of things.  There will also be more SPECIALISATION for more effectiveness, and within the Body of Christ, a greater clarity about our particular mandates, missions and assignments will empower people and groups to really go after being and doing their unique part with confidence.

 God is going to “make an example” of some people – just like he did with Jesus. The glory of the Lord will be revealed in the earthen vessels of his maturing sons and daughters. There’s a REVEALING aspect to this too, so be alert to the change of season, ready to stand out and be noticed and distinctive in our Christlikeness. We need to adjust our attitudes to realise God is blessing and anointing us to be examples to others of His generous goodness and grace. There will also be a need to adjust the way we relate to some people as we realise who they are in God and the contribution they can bring into our lives if we will honour their anointing and receive them. The spotlight of God’s favour and presence is coming upon some unlikely Kingdom champions who have been hidden or sidelined in the seasons of preparation.

 There will be MOVEMENT alongside the sorting and sifting - a TURNING TOWARDS and a TURNING AWAY as the Lord does the BIG REVEAL. There is such a revelation of God’s mercy, goodness and faithfulness coming like a wave that will wash over people, regions and nations and move them from darkness to light.


“Here’s what I want you to do: Buy gold from me, gold that’s been through the refiner’s fire. Then you’ll be rich. Buy your clothes from me, clothes designed in heaven. You’ve gone around half-naked long enough. And buy medicine for your eyes from me so you can really see. The people I love, I call to account – I prod and correct and guide so that they’ll live at their best. Up on your feet then! About face! Run after God! Look at me. I stand at the door. I knock. If you hear me call and open the door, I’ll come right in and sit down to supper with you.” - Rev. 3:18-21


“Conquerors will sit alongside me at the head table, just as I, having conquered, took the place of honour at the side of my Father. That’s my gift to conquerors!” – Rev. 3:21

As 2019 begins, God is ministering with great love to many who have been through the refiner’s fire in challenging circumstances, relationships, and spiritual warfare. There are overcomers who are coming out of the previous season like gold and just the realisation of what God has produced in them, will be a great comfort and reward. So, if that is you, look up, listen to the loving voice of the Lord and know that repositioning in favour with God AND man is here. Now shake off embattled, survival attitudes, let faith rise, and get ready for a season of joyful fruitfulness that will make the preparation process and the wait seem thoroughly worthwhile.


Partnership the Kingdom Pattern and Glorious Call for Aotearoa

by Don Smith, 17 January 2019

This is the time for Te Rongopai (the Gospel), Kotahitanga (unity), one nation, two peoples finding oneness in Christ, and a great future arising from amongst revival and reformation. Many people who carry this partnership and kotahitanga in their own blood, lineage and hearts are being prepared and stirred by God to be a significant powerhouse for advancement that will affect many people - by their example, their choices, their words, their actions. Many are “under cover” just like Esther in the scriptures who was warned by Mordecai at a difficult time for their nation: “do not tell THEM who you are”. However, to these ones: It is vital that YOU know who YOU are!
The first declaration of Te Rongopai o Ihu Karaiti (the Gospel of Jesus Christ) by Samuel Marsden in Bay of Islands (1814) set the tone of the gospel in our nation - “glad tidings of great joy” Te Harinui. God is calling into position many who are children of that gospel and who carry the lightness of God’s presence and joy in the Lord that is exemplary and contagious and will be very influential in our nation moving forward - not just church & local community.
Prophets, observing history, sometimes say that the first declaration of the gospel in a nation by the apostolic missionary (Marsden in our case) carries the special Kingdom flavour for that location. Marsden’s declaration about one-ness (kotahitanga) of the peoples is part of that for Aotearoa. The very fact that Marsden was able to stand on that land in the Bay of Islands that day and speak to a large crowd was made possible through his relationship with and the facilitation of Maori rangitira – Te Pahi and Ruatara. The move of God throughout Aotearoa in those early days happened, at least in part, through the partnership of the warrior/ prophet/ entrepreneurial gifts of Maori with the organisation/ admin, law & justice and reformationist gospel carrying attributes of the British.
God is raising up missionaries and apostles in our land and beyond for the greatest cause on the planet - bringing heaven to earth in divine ways with the Christian gospel. A company of prophets, warriors & entrepreneurs are rising who will advance this cause hugely in our generation by their words and activities. It will be part of causing advances in our nation as the best gifts of Maori and Pakeha partner together with God in revival and reformation. As both cultures embrace the best of the best and kotahitanga moves us forward we will experience an uplifting trajectory that will benefit us all.
For Aotearoa/ New Zealand, as we partner our best with God and one another, we will become not just the land of the long white cloud, but Whenua Te Atua - the cloud will be the cloud of God’s glory - just as Habakkuk the seer/ prophet saw the glory of the Lord cover the earth. As this gets moving New Zealand will have seriously new zeal for the things of God and his house - Wharenui Te Atua - and be consumed by it as the Psalmist describes.

Magnetic Plumb Line

8th of October 2017, Jill Smith

I was looking at the nation of New Zealand from a very high perspective up above and saw the overview of the whole land. As I watch a line came down over the land and I felt the Lord called it a plumb line. It stretched the length of the entire nation and was totally straight, crisp and clear even as it was laid down over the mountains, hills and valleys. As the plumb line came down another line that matched it exactly rose up out of the the depths of the earth and I felt the Lord said that it represented the will of God for New Zealand that had been laid down in its foundations from the very beginning. The two lines came together and merged. As they connected there was an activation, a charge, that magnetised the plum line. Immediately particles that looked like metal filing began to emerge from the land and were pulled to the plumb line. There were too many to count, and the movement increased and increased. The particles represented all people and things being drawn to Jesus and their movement is the “move” of God we’ve cried out for and are in the beginnings of. This movement is going to transform our nation into the true mirror image of heaven that God created us for. Let us continue to pray, praise, worship, align our hearts and minds with heaven, and declare our “Amen” to heaven’s “Yes” over Aotearoa.

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