UPLIFT definition

1. To lift up; raise
synonyms:  boost, raise, buoy up, elevate, edify, inspire, lift, give a lift to, cheer up, perk up, enliven, brighten up, lighten, gladden, encourage, stimulate, arouse, revive, restore
2. To elevate (someone) morally or spiritually
synonyms: inspiring, stirring, moving, touching, affecting, warming, cheering, cheerful, gladdening, encouraging, profound, fervent, heartfelt, sincere, passionate, meaningful, significant, eloquent, expressive

NOUN - An act of lifting something up / A morally or spiritually elevating influence


God is all about bringing UPLIFT to everybody and everything in Jesus - who revealed His unconditional love and total commitment to embrace everybody as his own beloved children. 

Jesus Christ lived, died and rose again more than 2000 years ago as us and for us to free humanity from the delusions of sin and evil, and give birth to a whole new kind of life.

The Spirit is right here right now awakening us to the Father's nearness and goodness - revealing the truth about all Jesus did for us and who we really are - loved sons and daughters who belong to the family of God.

The church is God's family learning to experience and share the realities of God's goodness, love and truth - the UPLIFT of heaven - on earth here and now.

UPLIFT CHURCH gatherings are relaxed and welcoming, we focus and value God's presence, encourage participation, and usually include elements of worship, prayer, preaching, teaching, prophesy, food, coffee and fellowship.                              

welcome to UPLIFT Church

Don and Jill Smith lead Uplift Church and are convinced that God has brilliant plans to bless Pukekohe and Franklin Region with the UPLIFT of heaven. They have been in the region for over 7 years now and have found it a great place to live and work. They have loved serving in Uplift Church and joining with the rest of the church family as we grow in experiencing and sharing the goodness of God - the Good News of Jesus Christ. Don and Jill have a wealth of experience in church ministry as well as in education, business, counselling, the arts and community service. However, it is actually the limitless ability and powerful presence of God that is the church's focus and source as Jesus builds His church and we simplyfollow His lead. Feel free to come and visit or contact Don and Jill to meet and chat about the church, your spiritual journey, or pastoral needs you may have.